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On this page I share behind-the-scenes information about my ongoing work, my creative projects and conceptual stuff. I also write about my ongoing work on my personal Twitter account.

Business Book Awards 2021 nomination

I am happy to share the news: My latest book Essays on Beta, Vol. 1, a collection of short texts on progressive, modernist organizational theory and practice has been shortlisted for the "Business Book Awards 2021". This award is UK-based, which is why my book has been nominated in the International Business Book category. That does not sound too bad, I think. You can see the full list of nominees for the awards, here.


In my mind, this nomination is not just a recognition of my own work, but also a a lovely recognition of the BetaCodex Network's achievements so far, and also of our relatively new publishing brand, BetaCodex Publishing.



Red42 House Events

Silke Hermann and I are convinced that nothing matches personal encounter. Face-to-face encounter between humans has its very own significance – its own quality. Which is why we created this new, intimate event format that can be run even in times of Coronavirus!


We love cooking and good food, wine and meaningful conversation. We  enjoy supporting others in their work and professional advancement. We enjoy being good hosts. So we decided to share this unique experience at Studio Red42 in Wiesbaden, Germany. We invite you and up to two guests of yours to a highly exclusive and intimate afternoon & evening  – full of joint creative work & discourse, international dining, stories and more! Until May 2021, exclusively.


Read more about Red42 House Events and the topics we are suggesting on the Red42 website - in English and in German.

Beta in Thailand

Not all is well in the realm of organizational transformation, in times of Coronavirus. Few organizations seem to find the energy during the pandemic, to make consistent strides towards decentralization, consistent self-organization and "Beta". So we were pleasantly surprised and happy to receive a major order from Thailand the other day. The order included no less than 300 copies of our books, all for a single corporate client that wants to adopt a Cell Structure Design, by using the OpenSpace Beta approach. Supported by one of our colleagues from Bangkok, who took part in one of our OpenSpace Beta qualification courses in Wiesbaden, back in 2019. The books are on their way to Thailand already, and I hope that I can soon share more news about what is going on at that company, with regards to the organizational transformation they are currently starting.  (Feb 2021)

Three powerful approaches under one roof

Since the launch of the free-to-use OpenSpace Beta approach for Very Fast Organizational Transformation, in 2018, Silke and I have been developing new stuff, at an almost "frenetical" pace. The many haptic products in our online shops, including booklets, posters, learning bundles and books, are testament to this. As is the growing array of methods we have made available to the world. The last of which is Relative Targets, which is yet another open source approach, published in February 2021. 

What OpenSpace Beta, Cell Structure Design and Relative Targets have in common is that these approaches are all about what is close to my heart: They are about working the system, and enabling organization-wide, consistent transformation. Fast. Which is why we now united these three concepts under a new "umbrella brand": Work the System. These approaches are now forming the United States of Work the System - so to speak. Expect me to do a lot of speaking, and conceptual workshops around this idea. As well as about the triad of approaches on how to make organizational systems fit for the future, and the present.  (Feb 2021)

Some projects take a long time to mature

A case in point is the forthcoming Korean edition of the OpenSpace Beta handbook which Silke and I wrote in 2018. Our Korean friend Peter Han began working on the translation in early 2019. On the left, you can see the three of us during Peter's visit in Wiesbaden, in mid-2019, during which he participated in the OpenSpace Beta Certification course. Closing the deal with the publisher, translation, reviewing and more took some time. Then Coronavirus struck. Now, publication of the book is finally in sight, and we hope that it will see daylight in 2021! In the meanwhile, my the Korean version of my book "Unleadership" saw a new edition, because one company ordered 800 copies of it. So I am confident that we are about to see a lot of Beta transformation-related activity in Korea, in due course. Peter will appear as co-author for the Korean edition of OpenSpace Beta.  (Feb 2021)

Going rogue

Starting with my 4th book, Organize for Complexity from 2014 (which also became my first book to be published in English) I have developed a much broader approach to the role of the "author". Not only do I write all of the texts myself (or together with my wonderful co-author Silke Hermann)  something that hardly anyone does anymore. Silke and I have also taken the full concept development and book design into our own hands. In other words: I have taken on the roles of publisher and book designer as well. These days, we hand our German publisher or their printers ready-to-print PDF files. Which means that we have the last word around all book-related topics, beginning with the choice of title and cover, down to the choice of text fonts, paper, book size and layout. Even when we work with commercial publishers. We have also created our own publishing brand for our English-language books, called BetaCodexPublishing, which we are now making available to colleagues, too.

Why all that additional effort? Because artistic liberty matters. Coherence matters. Readable, beautiful books matter, if we want to reach an audience that is pampered by colorful online content. Taking the business of publishing in our own hands, as much as possible, is also worthwhile because publishers and book agents tend to be stuck in the past, finding it hard to envision business books that are different than what currently seems to work.  (Feb 2021)

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