The speaker

Niels Pflaeging is an acclaimed public speaker. He offers thought-provoking discourse - on the stage or in the workshop setting. He delivers keynotes at conferences, congresses, seminars and corporate events, internationally. Fluent in four languages – English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, Niels has spoken to small and large-scale audiences in more than 40 countries and on all continents.


Presented in a highly energetic, humorous manner, Niels' message hits home with situations that people find themselves in every day in their organizations and empowers them with practical solutions, surprisingly counterintuitive and proven concepts that aim at profound organizational transformation.


With Niels, the choice of content and way of presenting is always catered exactly to the audiences. His vivid and competent way of presenting adds energy and movement to your event!


 If you are part of an international organization, and if you are looking for a speaker capable of connecting with audiences globally – both in terms of language and cultural sensitivity, then you will not find someone more well-suited than Niels to get the message across.

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Get Niels

Invite Niels as a conference speaker. Get him for an impulse keynote, an in-company workshop, a leadership retreat. Have a round-table meeting with him. A fireplace gathering. Or book him for an international keynote tour.


For inquiries and bookings, please contact Claudia Keller, claudia.keller@nielspflaeging.com,

Fon: +49-173-682 1315


Energizing, inspiring and mind-boggling topics with Niels nclude the following:

  • Organize for Complexity. What leadership is. How it really works. How to create the highly decentralized, networked cell structure organization
  • Complexitools. How to circumnavigate burocratization and avoid the centralization trap
  • High Performance & Learning. How to put people, teams & organizations on track to grow and thrive
  • Why Management is Dispensable. And what comes after it. How to adapt your organization to markets that thrive in perpetual beta
  • Bye-bye Management! How to stop managing and finally start leading
  • Learning for Innovation. Why learning is the work and how to build it into a company´s DNA
  • Secrets of High Performance. How to design teams and organizational strucutre for dynamic markets
  • Change Clinic. How to transform teams and organizations for high performance
  • The Beta Way. Let´s make mindful leadership work
  • Making Performance Work. From fixed to relative performance contracts. Towards simple, ethical & empowering ways of dealing with performance!

What others say

"We are used to hosting lots of events at Seibert-Media. And we had many, many speakers here in the past. But Niels´ keynote and session was easily the best speaking event we ever had."  Martin Seibert, CEO


"Competing for attention when Niels is on the agenda as well is damn hard. If not impossible."  Frieder Kanitz, Vollmer & Scheffczyk


"You can agree with Niels, you can disagree with Niels. The one thing you can´t do is ignore him." Erwin van der Koogh, Stoos Network


"Let this guy talk to the bosses of corporations in this country - it will be well worthwhile." Peter Felixberger, changeX