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Free Info Hours

07/09/2021, onlineInfo Hour: OpenSpace Beta - limited to 60 participants. Sign up on Eventbrite

12/10/2021, onlineInfo Hour: Relative Targets - limited to 60 participants. Sign up on Eventbrite

02/11/2021, onlineInfo Hour: Cell Structure Design - limited to 60 participants. Sign up on Eventbrite


Online courses  

21/04/2021, online - Work the System - keynote at Agile Munich 2021 - organized by Incrementor

tbd, online - BetaCodex MasterClass with Niels Pflaeging (en) - 4 half-day sessions - organized by Red42


Live events 

tbd 2021, Wiesbaden/DEWorkshop Cell Structure Design (en), 1-day workshop  - organized by Red42

tbd 2021, Wiesbaden/DEOpenSpace Beta Certification (en), 2-day workshop - organized by Red42

14/09/2021, Leipzig/DE - Die Renaissance der Arbeitswelt, opening keynote at Campus-Arbeitswelten

21-22/10/2021, Zagreb/HR - Comeleon Conference International - keynote and workshop - organized by Vetturelli

23-24/11/2021, Vienna/AT - Work the System - keynote & workshop at Agile Vienna 2021 - organized by Incrementor

tbd, Wiesbaden/DE  - 1-day Almost-Free-BetaCodex-Workout Day - organized by Red42

More events with Niels to be announced soon! For further Red42 workshops, check out the Red42 event agenda!

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OrgPhysics: An article from People+Strategy Journal

By Niels Pflaeging, with Silke Hermann and Brad Winn. Fall 2020 edition. Read the full article here.

Articles by Niels on LinkedIn

Change is more like adding milk to coffee

Change is not a journey. Never has been. Trouble is: Change agents around the world have been imagining change as projects, programs, planned exercises to be "kicked off" and "implemented". We have interpreted change as difficult ventures, endlessly long hikes, and exhaustive trips. No more: Here are 5 key insights into the true nature of change (...)

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Toyota or Semco

The future of work is already here. Not only in the minds of some outstanding thinkers, high-minded idealists, quirky innovators and lofty utopians – or people like you who are reading this blog! No, the future of work and organizational leadership is tangible. It is out there in the real world: (...)

7 reasons why the Digital Transformation is overhyped

It seems like everyone is putting out some sort of theory on “Digital Transformation” these days – whether we want them or not. So much is being aired about this supposed revolution, and related phenomena such as digital business models,  new work, and A.I. (...)

Bosses vs. Leaders: Companies Need Neither

It was just a couple of hours ago that I saw an illustration here on my news stream on LinkedIn, about the differences between "the boss" and "the leader". Most of us have probably seen this kind of visual many times before: They invariably argue for "bosses becoming more like leaders", for "leaders becoming more transformational", (...)

Org Physics: How a triad of structures allows companies to absorb complexity

Since the rise of the corporation at the dawn of the industrial age, much has been said and written about leadership, power, and structure in organizations. Some in the field of organizational research believe that developing a robust theory of leadership is an illusive, even utopian, undertaking.  (...)

Flat hierarchies: Just another step in the wrong direction

Most managers and business leaders aim to make their organizations flatter. They try to reduce middle management, to skim the amount of hierarchical layers, or they scrap internal bureaucracy in order to achieve more efficiency, more effectiveness, and more enterprise agility. The problem with this  (...) 

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Cool videos with Niels

Future of work & value creation, at SAP Research Round Table

Organize for Complexity - at Sibos Conference, Geneva

Management is dead - at CBS Korea´s "15 Minutes"

You can find more videos with Niels in several languages on his YouTube channel.

BetaCodex Network white papers

Organize for Complexity

Heroes of Leadership

OrgPhysics, Explained

You can find all BetaCodex white papers on the BetaCodex Network or on Slideshare.

Niels Pflaeging

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What others say about him

»Boldly, Pflaeging dissects classic management theory and in a well-humored manner, offers coherent alternatives.« Harvard Business Review

»When Pflaeging shakes the dogmas of management, they crumble in his hands.«  Financial Times Germany

»Niels Pflaeging is Germany´s sharpest management critic.« CompetenceSite

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