Essays on Beta, Vol. 1

An exciting collection of essays by Niels. A beautifully designed paperback. Available everywhere!

Readers get exactly what they are promised in the book's subtitle: What´s now & next in organizational leadership, transformation and learning. This beautifully designed, fully colored volume combines 20 crisp, no-nonsense essays by Niels from the years 2014 to 2020 into a true "learning treasure". This book from BetaCodex Publishing was published in late 2020. It is Niels' second "solo book" in English, and the follow-up to the international bestseller Organize for Complexity. With this book, Niels demonstrates his incredible originality and scope in depicting the future of organizational leadership for an age of complexity.


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OpenSpace Beta (with Silke Hermann)

The reinvention of change – 2nd, much-improved edition available

"Organizational transformation is difficult," they say.

"It is hard." "It takes a long, long time - and maybe it will never happen!" 

No more! Profound organizational transformation just got a lot less complicated! This book is for anyone who is interested in creating rapid and lasting Beta transformation. It is for company executives, directors, managers, team leaders, and the consultants and coaches who serve them. This is the practical guide to making the Beta organization happen - in just a couple of months. Sounds impossible? It isn't anymore! This handbook spells out an all-hands, high-engagement approach to organizational transformation that is suitable for any kind of company - regardless of size, age, country/culture, legal form and industry! Seemingly obvious and yet groundbreaking, this is the way to make the Beta organization happen. Anywhere. Fast.


This book is Niels´ sixth book overall, and the third he co-authored with Silke Hermann. It is concise, specific and incredibly well-structured. This is the way to approach "Beta" transformation in your organization! The book is fully colored. It has a foreword by Daniel Mezick.

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Available editions: English, German, Korean

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Organize for Complexity

The international bestseller - 5th, revised edition available!

First published in 2014, this is Niels´ fourth book - his first to be available internationally through BetaCodex Publishing. It is a book about complexity and work - and about how to deal productively with both. A condensed introduction to the theory and practice of organizational high performance. A manifesto for contemporary leadership and profound transformation in organizations of all kinds.


This is a business book unlike others. It is concise and incredibly to the point. It is fully illustrated and fully colored. It is “practically theoretic”, featuring cutting-edge insight. It proposes new language and thinking for a new way of work and organizations. And it will not bore you!
A book that appeals to business-book addicts and “non-readers” alike.


What others say about Organize for Complexity:

  • "At a very reasonable price, every company should just buy several copies, read them, and see how they can implement these ideas."  Harold Jarche
  • "In Pflaeging's book, the network organization gains contour. All that is beautifully visualized. In short, Niels Pflaeging shows how to build the New Organization, encouraging us to begin building it. It's the agenda 2014, if you will." changeX
  • “Book of the week. In its concentrated and novel format, this is in fact an unprecedented learning source and workbook.”  Hamburger Abendblatt

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Available languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish

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Complexitools (with Silke Hermann)

Forthcoming - to be published in English in 2022

Complexitools was published in German in mid-2015. It became an instant bestseller in the German-speaking countries, selling more than 24.000 copies throughout so far, garnering enthusiastic response from media and readers alike.


This book is the 2nd part of the Organize for Complexity trilogy,

It is also Niels' 5th book overall, and the first he co-authored with Silke Hermann. Complexitools is far more than a continuation, though: Dense, thoughtful, and full of crisply articulated insight, the book offers a tour de force through a startling range of business topics, from performance systems, to organization design, to change and interventions. The book encapsulates 33 highly innovative “complexitools” and 22 “complexideas”, or “thinking tools”, presented on only one or two pages each. The book is fully colored. It was illustrated by German designer Pia Steinmann.

You can pre-order the book's international edition through, and later through BetaCodex Publishing and book retailers worldwide, The German edition can be ordered through, through this website, or through the book's website

Sample pages & editions:

The Uncomplicated Year (with Silke Hermann)

A unique, new kind of organizer for the job, for life, work, learning and developmentGerman edition for 2017 (with Silke Hermann). 

Zeitmanagement war früher!

Mit diesem Organizer bekommen Sie Entwicklung und Lernen in den Griff. Dies ist der erste Organizer seiner Art – das perfekte Entwicklungstool für das ganze Jahr.


Niels Pfläging und Silke Hermann, Business-Vordenker und Verfasser des Bestsellers Komplexithoden, legen eine völlig neue Form des Organizers für Beruf und Privatleben vor: Ästhetisch, funktional und clever gestaltet für den klugen Umgang mit Aufgaben und Arbeitsleben – für Freiberufler, Professionals und Angestellte gleichermaßen geeignet. Mit 12 innovativen Monatsthemen oder »Lektionen« für den intelligenten Umgang mit Kompliziertem und Komplexem! Das Konzept des Organizers findet hier seine logische Weiterentwicklung für alle Berufstätige. Er verfügt über eine edle, moderne und robuste Ausstattung und ist das perfekte Geschenk für Freunde, Kollegen, Mitarbeiter.


Vorsicht: Dieser clevere Begleiter verführt zum ständigen Bei-sich-tragen!


Erhältlich ist "Unkompliziert durchs Jahr" ab September. Auf, und auf dieser Website kann man es vorbestellen. Hier im Shop gibt es auch Pakete zu kaufen!

Sample pages:

Leading with Flexible Targets

Winner of the Best Business Book of the Year award!

2nd edition 2011. In German. Hardcover/Kindle eBook. The award-winning bestseller.

“Best Business Book of the Year 2006“ (FT Germany & getAbstract). “A masterpiece of contemporary management literature“ (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)


You can buy the book on (print & kindle).

Other editions:

The 12 New Laws of Leadership

The manifesto for a management and effectiveness revolution.

2009. In German. Hardcover/eBook.

“Best HR Book of the Year” (

"One of the 10 best Business Books of the Year“ (Hamburger Abendblatt).

You can buy the book on

Other editions:

Beyond Budgeting, Better Budgeting

One of “The 100 Best Business Books of All Times” (Murmann).

1st edition 2003/2011. In German. Available as paperback/Kindle eBook. The award-winning primer.

“One of the best business books of the year” (changeX). A Financial-Times-Germany bestseller.


You can buy the book on (print & kindle).

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»Niels Pflaeging can always be found far out there, where the forefront of management is being measured and mapped.« 



»A masterpiece of contemporary management literature.«

Sueddeutsche Zeitung


»Niels Pflaeging is the father of the end of management.« Winfried Felser, CompetenceSite


»Book of the week. In its concentrated and novel format, this is in fact an unprecedented learning source and workbook.« (Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper book review)

Niels Pflaeging

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»Boldly, Pflaeging dissects classic management theory and in a well-humored manner, offers coherent alternatives.« Harvard Business Review

»When Pflaeging shakes the dogmas of management, they crumble in his hands.«  Financial Times Germany

»Niels Pflaeging is Germany´s sharpest management critic.« CompetenceSite

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