Advisory services

Niels, the advisor

Since 2006, Niels has been strongly involved in transformational change initiatives both as a short-term and long-term advisor, in organizations in Europe and the Americas. He partners with a personal network of trusted colleagues, internationally, to deliver highly impactful, "light-touch" transformation advisory, and all the conceptual and methodological support for your organization to achieve sustainable superior competitiveness.


You may be part of a young, fast-growing organization of only 30 people. A maturing 300-person mid-sized firm. Or a 300.000-employee congloerate: The transformational approach Niels has been pioneering for more than a decade is scalable and adaptive to all kinds of industries, organizational sizes, cultures and corporate histories.


Intervention Formats

From intimate leadership workshops to high-impact change initiatives, or internal knowledge conferences with hundreds of participants, Niels knows the right intervention methodologies and fitting advisory approaches.


Alone, or in concert with a powerful network of trusted and experienced associates.

Why work with Niels

Many leaders today feel overwhelmed by market changes, internal demands and day-to-day problems. Employees are tired of reorganizations and change initiatives that go nowhere. There is a common perception: that we tried just about everything, but to little or no avail. We feel stuck.


If this is part of where your organization stands, your should consider working with Niels, and start working on the system, not within the existing system.

Niels does advisory work himself, and he also partners with acknowledged local experts, or "cool friends." No junior consultants. No standardized "solutions". Just robust, rigorous advice and method that fits to your situation.



  • »I would compare the day our leaderhip team spent with Niels Pflaeging with a great piece of art: Truly insightful, challenging, inspring and relevant.« Johannes Gutmann, owner and CEO, Sonnentor, Austria
  • »Niels Pflaeging is one of only a few experts with a deep understanding of what we call dialogic leadership - and he is capable of putting it into practice.« Goetz Werner, owner and former CEO, dm-drogerie markt, Germany
  • »Working with Niels during a 2-day workshop with the top management team of our company has been an almost religious experience!« Eduardo Lira, President, Wong Supermarket Group, Peru
  • »Niels Pflaeging knows how to instantly grasp situations and analyze problems in a razor-sharp manner. He is capable of leading teams towards an agreed objective: Sometimes warmly, sometimes provocatively, but always intelligently and diligently, without falling victim to clash with different world views. How he does that is true art.« Ingo Körner, General Manager/CFO, Broetje Automation, Germany